I’ve always liked this song. The simplicity, the telecaster sound; the bassy guitar with distortion that doesn’t sustain. 


this was bill callahan’s girlfriend at the time of this song.

According to wikipedia “Cindy suffered from epilepsy. She also engaged in political activism around Sacramento, helping citizens register to vote. Cindy died at her home in 4th Avenue, Sacramento on April 5, 2012”


His next girlfriend Chan Marshall wrote this album while living with Bill Callahan. From wikipedia:

"According to Cat Power: A Good Woman by Elizabeth Goodman, several songs on the album - “No Sense,” “Say,” “Metal Heart,” “You May Know Him” and “Cross Bones Style" - were written "in one deranged night," following a hallucinatory nightmare Marshall had in the fall of 1997, while alone in theSouth Carolina farmhouse she shared with then-boyfriend, Bill Callahan. “I got woken up by someone in the field behind my house in South Carolina,” she explained, “The earth started shaking, and dark spirits were smashing up against every window of my house. I woke up and I had my kitten next to me…and I started praying to God to help me…So I just ran and got my guitar because I was trying to distract myself. I had to turn on the lights and sing to God. I got a tape recorder and recorded the next sixty minutes. And I played these long changes, into six different songs. That’s where I got the record.”

This video is so 1998.

This is the best kind of music to experience live.

I have never actually listened to Throbbing Gristle. This video was recorded live at Oundle School in Peterborough, England 16th March, 1980. Aside from two school staff, the audience consisted of school boys between the ages of 8 and 16.

Throbbing Gristle.
1. An Old Man Smiled
2. Subhuman
3. Heathen Earth
4. Something Came Over Me
5. Don’t Do What You’re Told Do What You Think
6. Wall of Sound

song only has 74 views. by the end of the night it’ll still be 74 because i probably couldnt listen to this more than three times in a row.

Sagor & Swing - Tredje melodin

-edit, i only made once.

Celine & Julie Go Boating , fan trailer. song is Återkomsten by Sagor & Swing


This sounds like it could have been on a skate video from 94.

(Source: booooooom)

galaxie 500 - ceremony.


Ernest Hemingway

I was taking a picture of a bookstore today and decided to go in because i havent read a full book in a long time. I like the idea of reading but i actually hate reading books. Even though i love books themselves. The old man with dusty jeans took my 8$ and i walked out with Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream. Sadly, Kenneth Rogers and Dolly Parton didn’t sing about this book, i later found out, sigh. Anyway, who cares.

Hemingway’s house is nice.

This cat ruined this perfectly good picture of Hemingway’s typewriter.

This is not bill murray portraying Hemingway in a new upcoming biopic directed by someone with taste.

Ol’ Ernest photobombing a couple losers drinking martini’s. 

It was Woody Allen who made me want to read one of his books.

Not a room full of Ernie’s at a lookalike contest.

Ernest in his skinhead days.

who’s joe bodelai?

This guy named Joe Bodelai killed himself by drinking gatorade and anti freeze. What a way to go out. I have never heard of him before, but he apparently created the comedy network, kept kidsinthehall on the air, brought the bluejays to toronto, wrote the first waynes world script, etc. Apparently he got no recognition for it. I cant help but wonder if he was drinking the gatorade and antifreeze while he wrote this. This is a personal letter to the world from a bitter and suffering man. Intense.



hello, it’s me.

eater - no brains

I wonder if the mayor of vancouver is available to dj robford’s christmas party. Welcome to jamrock.

lightning dust

Dark and haunting music. The album doesn’t really do the live performance justice. 

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